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Norbar 43501

5 ~ 50 Nm Norbar NorTronic® Electronic Torque Wrench
Accuracy ±1%, Torque-Angle-Final Torque, Wifi, Square Drive 1/2“

Norbar Code 43501
Range 5 ~ 50 N.m
Accuracy ±1%
Square Drive 1/2" - 16mm Spigot
Storage 2400 reading
Communication Wifi 868 MHz
Calibration UKAS- Both Direction
Meets standart ISO 6789-2:2017
Tool length 472 mm
Tool weight 1.2 kg

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  • Torque calibration in both Clockwise and Anti-clockwise direction
  • Ability to have up to 15 linked or non-linked targets on the tool at any one time
  • Ability to set a Torque, Angle and Final Torque Target
  • Directly display, save and send the output Torque of a HT (Hand Torque) gearbox when used in conjunction with a NorTronic
  • Send up to 15 sequential or non-sequential targets to a NorTronic Tool
  • Real time graph creation from a USB connected tool. Create a report from stored results
  • ASCII mode added for interfacing the tool to third party software (for USB and wireless)
  • Supplied with a Calibration Certificate, which meets the requirements of ISO 6789-2:2017
  • Test results are time and date stamped for traceability
  • Two full colour OLED displays positioned at 90 degrees for great visibility
  • Colour indicator on display changes when target torque/angle has been reached
  • Audible and vibration feedback when set target of torque/angle has been reached
  • Torque and angle readings can be sent to TDS in real time (or downloaded) via the USB and wireless interfaces
  • For more features please see link to sales leaflet under catalogue below 
Technical Specifications

Nortronic® The Electronic Torque Wrench From Norbar

[ Precise, Wireless Connectable and Traceable ]

Norbar Model  Range Range Square Drive Insert Drive Tolerance  Length Number of Opening Tool Weight
Code No N.m lbf.ft inch mm Torque & Angle mm Theeth Angle kg
43500 NorTronic® 50 5 ~ 50 3.68 ~ 36.8 3/8" ø16  ±1% / ±1° 468 48 7.5° 1.20
43501 NorTronic® 50 5 ~ 50 3.68 ~ 36.8 1/2" ø16  ±1% / ±1° 472 72 1.20
43502 NorTronic® 200 20 ~ 200 14.7 ~ 147.5 1/2" ø16  ±1% / ±1° 592 72 1.45
43503 NorTronic® 330 33 ~ 330 24.3 ~ 243.4 1/2" ø16  ±1% / ±1° 808 72 1.86

Wireless adaptor optionally available when using wifi communication.
Partnumber for 868 MHz wireless adaptor 43508.  For UK, Europa, Singapore and India.
Partnumber for 915 MHz wireless adaptor 43509.  For USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand


  • ±1% accuracy between 20 and 100% of wrench operating capacity
  • ±2% accuracy between 10 and 19% of wrench operating capacity
  • Clockwise (CW) and Counter-Clockwise (CCW) torque and angle calibration
  • Supplied with unique Torque and Angle Calibration Certificate
  • Angle calibration in accordance with VDI/VDE 2648 ISO 6789-2:2017
  • UKAS accredited Torque calibration in both clockwise and counter-clockwise direction

IP44 protection against dust and water ingress. Protected against dust and sprayed water from all directions One piece aluminium handle, rugged and durable Portable, powered by three AA batteries. (Rechargeable batteries supplied) Robust extruded aluminium case

 Easy to Use
Two full colour OLED displays positioned at 90° to each other so that the display can be seen whether operating in the vertical or horizontal plane Only 5 user buttons for ease of use Visual (digits change colour), audible and vibration indicators when target is reached Low battery warning Ability to turn off angle display if not required 12 Torque units - can be used in any country’s preferred torque units When used with a HandTorque® gearbox the NorTronic® can directly display, save and send the calculated output torque of the HandTorque® multiplier

Data Analysis
Unique TDS (Torque Data System) software included. Enables complete data management and archiving to a PC through seamless data exchange Two-way data management capability. Torque and Angle data can be sent to TDS in real time (or uploaded from memory) • Multiple targets can be sequenced and linked • Tool settings can be configured at PC Data can be transferred by two means: i) USB cable (supplied) ii) USB Wireless Adaptor for your PC (sold separately, see image to left) Part No. 43508: 868MHz UK, Europe, Singapore and India Part No. 43509: 915MHz USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand Up to 2400 reading memory store, time and date stamped. Enables numerous tightening cycles before needing to upload data to TDS Ability to interface to ProSuite process control software Calibration date of tool can be displayed via TDS or third party software ASCII mode allows for interfacing the tool with third party software Ability to produce and save Torque & Angle graphs (in real time) from a USB connected tool

Supplied with a robust push through ratchet Compatible with Norbar’s huge range of spanner end fittings Easy to depress plunger for ratchet removal Ability to enter offset compensation for non-standard end fittings. Torque wrench reads correctly for non-standard end fittings. No need to do additional calculations Ability to set a Torque, Angle and Final Torque Target Ability to have up to 15 linked or non-linked Targets on the tool at any one time

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